Side Braided Hair

braided hairRight now we love Side Braided hair… it’s super edgy and will make your hair stand out from everyone else. This look is loved by all the celebs and models on the red carpet such as Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr and Kristen Stewart.


1. Create a deep side parting in your hair using a Denman Lime Green Precision Tail Comb.

2. You can either create two braids like the picture above or you can use create one.. whichever you prefer. Begin to braid the hair back towards the nape of the hair and then secure it with a bobby pin.

3. For the other side of the hair… well you can do whatever you want! You might want to use some texturising spray and scrunch the hair for the rock chick look or you may just want to add some curls.

Why not try it out this weekend! :)



The Denman Guide To Blowdrying

small blowdryingHere at Denman we have so many hairbrushes it can be difficult to choose which one is best for blowdrying with high and low heat. To get the very best out of your Denman brush, we recommend following this guide.



Thermoceramic High Heat Brushes

These brushes are designed to be used with high heat hairdryers. The Thermoceramic and Head Hugger brushes have heat-retaining barrels allowing sections of hair to be wrapped around the barrel to create soft curls and waves in the hair.

The Head Hugger brush has an hour-glass shaped barrel to get close into the roots and create maximum root-lift and volume in the hair.

The Thermoceramic Boar Bristle Brushes are great to use in conjunction with hair oils and blow outs.



Medium Heat Classic Styling and Vent

Classic Styling and Vent brushes are perfect for blowdrying hair on a low-to-medium setting to get the best performance. The Classic Styling Range consists of four brushes: D14 Handbag, D3 (the brush Vidal Sassoon used to create the classic bob style), D4 large and D5 heavyweight handle. These brushes have the famous half-round rubber pad which is perfect for smoothing hair, creating sleek bob shapes and for flicking out.

The two vent brushes are great for blowdrying the hair quickly and effectively. The D100 Tunnel Vent allows the hot air to circulate directly at the roots of the hair while the D200 Flexible Vent is great for fast drying and detangling.

Paddle Brushes

The Denman Paddle brushes are also great for blowdrying hair straight on a low-to-medium heat. The D83 is a large paddle brush which is great for grooming long thick hair while the D84 small paddle brush can be popped into a handbag for on-the-go styling.



D80 Range

The Denman Grooming brushes should only be used with low heat; otherwise the high temperature will distort the bristles. The D80 range is perfect for detangling hair extensions and wigs. The D81 range has boar bristle with nylon quill which is ideal for detangling hair as well as smoothing and polishing it, while the D82 range has 100% boar bristle which is great for smoothing, polishing and brushing out curls.

Tangle Tamer Collection 1

The D90 Tangle Tamer brushes are mainly used for detangling hair as well as hair extensions and wigs. You can use heat on these brushes but we recommend a low heat. The super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing tats and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming.



bebop no heat

As Denman have so many brushes to choose from, it is important to point out that not all of them can be used with heat. For example, the Denman D6 Be-Bop brushes should not be used in conjunction with heat. This brush is designed to be gentle on the scalp, so it is made from extra-soft plastic material and would distort if exposed to high heat. These brushes are available in classic black and silver as well as six bright colours. They are perfect for detangling hair in the shower, distributing gel and wax throughout the hair and giving a gentle head massage.


Top Tips For Blowdrying

  • The nozzle of the hairdryer should be kept at least 10cm away from the hair and brush as the heat will damage the hair and brush through time
  • Never place the dryer nozzle on top the brush or hair
  • Never allow the hairbrush pins or bristles past the grille and inside the hairdryer, as they will be damaged
  • Concentrator nozzles, diffusers or other attachments should only be used on low/medium heat settings and not placed directly on the hair or hairbrush
  • Do not concentrate heat in one particular area for any length of time, keep the hairdryer moving
  • Hairdryers also damage the hair if not used correctly
  • During blowdrying the concentrator nozzle should be directed downwards to smooth the hair cuticle and give a better finish


Mens Smart Casual Hairstyle

Denman 22796

This soft, casual haircut is enhanced and finished using a combination of Jack Dean Finishing Sheen Pomade and Matt Styling Paste.

  1. Rub a 50p sized scoop of Jack Dean Finishing Pomade firmly between the palms to warm
  2. Apply to the sides and back pulling the hair flat to the head
  3. Using a pure bristle wooden Jack Dean Club brush, firmly brush the hair smooth to the head to create a sleek tailored outline
  4. For the top section use Jack Dean Matt Styling Paste to give a softer, looser finish. Starting at the front, use fingers to work the paste through the hair from root to tip allowing the hair to fall naturally
  5. Still using the fingers work backwards through the top sections.
  6. Finally use a combination of the Club Brush and fingers to blend the top and side sections.


Autumn/Winter Hair Colour!

low res red hairSummer is over… and now we’re getting ready for cold dark mornings and dark evenings. If you work full-time, you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.

So if you’re feeling a bit down and need something to pick you up… we have the perfect idea! A new hair colour! Yes it always makes you feel so much better by just changing your hair colour. Now we’re not suggesting you go completely crazy and colour your hair from black to blonde but if you do have blonde or brown hair it may be quite fun to add a little hint of red, plum or auburn to your hair colour.

TIPS For Colouring Hair: Make sure you use deep conditioning treatment and Argan oil on your hair when you wash it. Try not to use too much heat on your hair straight away for example, straightening irons or curling wands. If you need to straighten your hair, blowdry it using the Denman D79 Straightening Brush. (Click Here For USA Denman Store!) This brush is not electrical and has bristles which means it is a lot safer to use on the hair than straightening irons.

Volumised Quiff!

low res quiff

Volumised quiffs are the perfect way to jazz up your short cropped hair. It’s a favourite with the celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Hough and Pink! You can make it super elegant or you can go as rock chick as you like with this look!

Get The Look

1. Begin blowdrying the hair using the Denman D31 Freeflow brush (USA), this is a great brush for creating this look as it will help create volume in the hair.

2. Using a little bit of shaping cream apply this to the sides and top of the hair. Blowdry the sides and top of the hair back.

3. Take the D91 Dressing Out Brush (USA) and begin to backcomb the top section of hair, this will make the quiff stand up. Brush it back with a Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA) and finish with hairspray.



Sassy Big Curls!

Beauty Woman with Perfect MakeupWe love big bouncy curls at the moment… it’s the perfect look for a special evening occasion and it looks like a lot of effort had gone into creating the hairstyle! It’s easier than you think and we are going to show you how you can create it in your own house.

1. Blowdry your hair using the Denman Extra Large Head Hugger Brushes (USA), this brush will allow you to create root-lift and volume in the hair.

2. Curl the bottom of the hair using straighteners or curling tongs.

3. Brush the curls using the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA), this will loosen the curls but not make it frizzy.


Denman Wins Award At North Down Business Awards!

Denman International attended the North Down Business Awards in the Clandeboye Lounge last Friday night. We sponsored ‘Customer Service Multiple Retailer Award’ and we were nominated for ‘Investment in Health Award’.

Of course this was a great excuse for our Denman girls to get all glammed up for the night! As you can see they all looked fab!


We had a wonderful night at the North Down Business Awards but the best part was when we won the award for ‘Investment in Health’. We are delighted to have won this award and a big congratulations to all the other winners! :)


Super Sleek Long Bob

Attractive surprised young woman wearing sunglasses

Bobs have been around for many years, but recently we have been loving the long bobs. A long bob is usually easier to manage, especially if it is all one length. This hairstyle has been seen on the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry.


1.  Blowdry your hair with the Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush (USA). The anti-static rubber pad provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying for shaping the long bob.

2. Once the hair is completely dry smooth over it using the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA), this will allow you to create a sleek finish and add gloss and shine to the hair.


Get Straight Hair Without Irons!

iStock_000005128371Medium - low res

Since summer is now officially over, we think it’s time to ditch the flip-flops and get your Ugg Boots ready for Autumn/Winter! All that heat that has been applied to your hair over the summer to get curls and waves, it’s to try something new! Straight hair can be really striking but we are going to tell you how you can get this without using straightening irons.

The Denman D79 Straightening Brush is like a straightening iron but it is not electrical. It is equipped with boar bristle to smooth the hair and make it super glossy and shiny. As it is not electrical this makes our straightening brush much better for your hair and it won’t damage it.

D79 cut outHow To Use It

1. Towel dry your hair until it is damp.

2. Take the Denman D79 Straightening Brush (Click here for USA Site) and begin to blowdry the hair straight using this brush. Clamp the straightening brush on a small section of damp hair. Point the hairdryer at the vented section of the brush and slowly glide both the brush and hairdryer down that section of hair to straighen it.

3. By using this straightening brush you are straightening your hair without causing any damage as flat irons do. As this brush has natural boar bristles, these will gently grip the hair and smooth the cuticle for a straight, glossy and manageable look.

4. Continue this technique all over your hair.



Marilyn Monroe Inspired Look!

Blond beautyThe 1950′s is a decade that everybody loves and it keeps coming back in style. Nowadays girls would kill for a 1950′s dress as it so vintage! Not only are the clothes coming back … but the hairstyles are also making their way into celebrity hairdressing salons! Our favourite has to be Marilyn Monroe; she is the icon of the 50’s… beautiful bouncy blonde curls with a bold red lipstick.


  1. Curl all of your hair with curling tongs or straighteners. We recommend a thick barrel to create defined curls.
  2. Once all the hair is curled, spray the hair with hairspray and brush the curls with the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brushes (USA).
  3. Tease the roots of the hair with the Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush (USA) to create more volume.

*Don’t Forget The Red Lipstick*