New Year’s Eve Hairstyle

ponytail upstyle low resWith only two weeks until New Year’s Eve… it is time to start planning the hairstyle! We have the perfect hairstyle that is quick and easy to create.  At every New Year’s Eve party it is always crowded and if you have super long hair you will get really warm, which is why we are turning the gym ponytail into the super glam ponytail!

1. Firstly, curl all of your hair with straighteners, hot rollers or a curling wand!

2. Begin at the front of your head and backcomb the hair using the Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush (USA). Continue this technique at the sides of the hair until it is fully backcombed. If you have a fringe or you like some loose hair to fall around your face, make sure you leave this out of the backcombing stage!

3. Take the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA) and brush the backcombed hair back and pin in place using bobby pins. Next gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

*Denman International will be closed for Christmas from Tuesday 23rd December at 1.30pm until Monday 5th January 2015. Any orders placed over Christmas will be processed on Monday 5th January 2015*

The Denman Detangling Collection

iStock_000018162581XSmallEveryone hates knots and tangles in their hair and it can be a sore process to remove them. Well not anymore because here at Denman we have a detangling collection to suit everyone!

bebop no heatBe-Bop Brushes

These brushes are for detangling hair in the shower… yep that’s right, it makes the whole shampooing/conditioning process so much easier and you get an extra perk… a relaxing head massage! These little brushes are available in bright colours as well as black and silver!


Tangle Tamer Collection 1The Denman Tangle Tamer

These are the ultimate detangling brushes for children. We all know kids hate getting their hair brushed and there are always tears and tantrums. Well not for much longer because Denman Tangle Tamer brushes have soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing tats and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming. The Tangle Tamer range is now available in cute designs and bright colours!

*These brushes are not just for kids… adults love them too! AND they detangle hair extensions and wigs!!*

IMG_8451 Cut Out 1The Denman Tangle Smoother

Ok so we know exactly what you are thinking… metal pins in a brush, that has got to hurt… actually it doesn’t! The metal pins in the brush are extra smooth and very durable which means that it is great to smooth and detangle all hair lengths. It is also ideal for use with hair extensions and wigs. The Tangle Smoother is available in bright pink and funky yellow!


Classic Mens Hairstyle

Denman 22680This short, neat haircut is created by using Jack Dean Matt Styling Paste.

  1. Work the Paste in the hands until it becomes warm and fibrous.
  2. Using the fingers and palms smooth the sides and the back sections, working the hair towards the hairline.
  3. Starting at the one side of the crown, use the fingers to massage the Paste into the roots gently pulling the hair upwards and forwards
  4. Repeat on the other side and check for symmetry
  5. Take a little more Paste and using the fingers, smooth down the font hairline section to remove the Mohican effect.
  6. To finish, use the tips of the fingers to add texture.

Bouncy Curls

curly hairGot the perfect dress for your Christmas or New Year party… then you need a hairstyle that has the WOW Factor!

This bouncy curly hairstyle will definitely turn heads and looks great with any LBD and sparkly jewellery!

Get The Look

1. Wash your hair and towel dry until hair is damp.

2. We recommend using Denman Self-Grip Hair Rollers! Our Hair Rollers come in different sizes.

3. Please pick your size according to the length of your hair.

The Small Self Grip Rollers (Red rimmed) are used for short hair.

The Medium Self-Grip Rollers (Black rimmed) are used for short-medium hair.

The Large Self-Grip Rollers (Blue Rimmed) are used for medium hair.

The Extra Large Self-Grip Rollers (Green Rimmed) are used for medium-long hair.

 The Jumbo Self-Grip Rollers (Grey Rimmed) are used for long hair.

TIP: If you are using rollers to create volume from the roots of your hair the Jumbo rollers will create maximum volume.

Begin to wind your hair into the rollers. You can either let them sit and dry naturally although this may take a good few hours or you can blowdry the hair using medium heat. Once all of your hair is completely dry, unwind it from the rollers to set free your curls!! For a longer lasting hold, spritz with hairspray!


The Christmas Gift Guide!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Yes the festive seasons have arrived, time to get the Christmas tunes on and start decorating the house!

Here are Denman’s Top 5 Gifts This Christmas!

Tangle Tamer Collection 1The Denman Tangle Tamer Brushes are now available in 6 different colours and designs including: Classic Black, Bumblebee, Dolphin, Ladybird, Frog and Bright Pink. The fast and gentle way to detangle children’s hair without the tears! The super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing tats and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming.

anarkitty group image 1The AnarKitty Special Edition Brushes are perfect for any girl who loves fashion and getting glammed up! This brush is available in 3 different designs: Sassy – The Modern Fashionita, Ruby – The 1920’s Flapper girl and Goldie – The Swinging Sixties Girl.

Jack Dean Travel KitThe Jack Dean Travel Kit is the perfect gift for jet setters, holiday makers or just well-groomed men!
The kit includes:

* Jack Dean Conditioning Shampoo (Worth £7.50) – A refreshing cleanser which stimulates and invigorates the scalp leaving the hair feeling clean, fresh and healthy with tea tree and macadamia extracts.
* Jack Dean Bay Rum Body wash (Worth £7.50) – An invigorating all-over body wash with the unmistakable masculine aroma of bay rum which gently cleanses the body.
* Jack Dean Aftershave Balm (Worth £8.50) – A refreshing post-shave treatment which cools the face and reduces redness. Contains seaweed and cucumber extracts which moisturise, soothe and calm the skin.
+ FREE Wash Bag – Perfect size for traveling. Holds all 3 Jack Dean products plus any additional gents grooming essentials. Hook attached for convenient hanging.

D6 Brights Loose - cut outThe Denman Be-Bop Bright brush is the perfect Stocking Filler gift as it is small, bright and great for detangling hair in the shower! It comes in 6 bright colours including: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple.

** Spend over £25 and get a FREE Be-Bop Bright**

**FREE Shipping on orders over £30**

Slicked Back Look

slicked back hair

The slicked back look is loved by many celebs on the catwalks and red carpets. It’s a simple yet extremely effective look which can be created with very short hair to long hair… so it is a perfect all round hairstyle!

1. This hairstyle works best on hair that is straight. Straighten the hair using flat irons.

2. Apply wet-look gel to the top, front and sides of the hair.

3. Take the Denman DC09 Grooming Comb (USA) and gently comb through the hair. This will distribute the styling products evenly through your hair and create a smooth and sleek look.

Denman Tip: Apply a dark smokey eyeshadow with lots of mascara and a nude lip!


Short Volumised Hair

short hair

Christmas is coming… and so is the Glitz and Glamour! Whether you are hitting the town with your friends or a work Christmas dinner… this look is simple and easy to create if you have mid-length hair.

1. Blowdry your hair using the Denman Large Head Hugger Brush (USA). This brush had a concave barrel which provides volume and rootlift in the hair.

2. Once the hair is dry, backcomb the roots using the Denman D91 Dressing Out brush (USA).

3. Choose you preferred side of hair that you want to pin back behind your ear.

4. Finish with hairspray



Winter Hair Care Survival Guide!

winter 2Winter is here already, time to put away your bikinis and sun creams and opt for some gloves and scarves to wrap up warm. Ditch the beach for nights in with your favourite movies and a lit fire! We now have the festive seasons to look forward to and all the parties! Not only are you getting used to the winter but so is your hair! Yes it sounds a little bit strange but your hair lacks moisture and health due to cold windy weather and the constant changes in temperature! We’ve put together a guide for you to help keep your hair looking fabulous this winter!


1. Get a good haircut! This is most important because by getting your hair cut you will be getting rid of all your nasty dry ends, therefore making your hair new and healthy before winter even starts!

2. Get an egg head! As we all know, eggs are great for your body but they are also good for your hair! This is great for conditioning the hair and making it shiny! Crack two eggs in a bowl, add some olive oil and mix together. Apply to dry hair, leave for about 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water! *Make sure you use cold water when rinsing the egg out of the hair because hot water will cook the egg and you will have scrambled egg on your hair!* Don’t forget to wash your hair with shampoo afterwards…unless you want your hair to smell of eggs!!


3. No washing! Don’t wash your hair every day, this will remove the natural oils that help condition your hair. We recommend washing your hair every second or third day. If you feel that your hair is looking greasy, just use some dry shampoo to hide it.


New D82M - rotated

4. Choosing the right brush! A Denman D82M Boar bristle brush is ideal for winter as the bristles pick up the sebum at the roots and distribute it through the hair while brushing.  The sebum coats the cuticle providing protection as well as giving the hair a lustrous shine.


5. Stop windswept hair! Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spend forever styling your hair, you walk out of the house and by the time you get to the bus stop, it looks like you have been dragged through a bush! We recommend that you create simple hairstyles such Top Knot buns and sleek ponytails. (Click the link to see how to create the look!)

6. Never leave the house with wet hair! Not only will you be freezing but if it’s really cold, the water that is on your hair will freeze… making your hair an ice cube!

We hope these hints and tips keep your hair looking amazing this winter! :)

James Baker – Celebrity Portraits Exhibition

Last Saturday night in the Europa Hotel in Belfast, local artist, James Baker held his Celebrity Portraits Exhibition for charity. It was a fantastic evening and the portraits were amazing.

pamela 1Many Northern Irish celebs such as Pamela Ballantine, Sarah Travers and Frank Mitchell turned up to the event to see their portraits for the first time. Everyone was very impressed with the artistic talent and dedication that went into each portrait.

sarah 1

James has been a very close friend of Denman for many years and we were super excited when we heard that he was painting a portrait of The Face of Denman and West End Star, Zoe Rainey!

zoe 1

James was also able to create 3 limited edition designs especially for Denman which we then  printed on the back of the famous D3 handle. These brushes were given out to each person who attended the exhibition on Saturday night.


We would like to say a BIG well done to James on this huge achievement and we wish him all the best for his next project!

Keep up-to-date with James’s work on his Facebook Page!


1920’s Flapper Girl

1920s flapperWe are still madly in love with the 1920’s flapper girl era! We see all the sparkly dresses and costume jewellery in all of the high street shops as they get ready for Christmas and New Year Parties! We have the perfect brush that will transport you back to the Roaring 20’s!

ak ruby 2 high resThe Denman ‘Ruby’ brush  (USA) incorporates the famous flapper dress which women wore to dance the Charleston to a background of jazz music. A string of pearls have been added to the evening dress to complete the look. Also, not to forget the iconic 1920s finger wave hairstyle which has been finished with the Denman crown for a modern twist.