Pixie Lott’s New Hairstyle


Source: dailymail.com

Pixie Lott has shown off her new edgy hairstyle at the Olivier Awards last night! She has gone for a full choppy fringe with loose beach waves and we think it really suits her! Her black floor length dress is stunning and really shows of her new look.

Blowdry your hair using the Denman D74 Thermo-Neon Hot Curl Brush. Wrap a section of hair around the barrel and hold the hairdryer for a few seconds and then release. This will add a little bit of curl and wave into the hair.


Lucy Mecklenburgh – Pretty In Pastels!


Lucy Mecklenburgh looks stunning in a pastel pink dress that had a laser cut black skirt over the top. This is a completely different look for Lucy but we think she looks amazing! Most of all we particularly like her bouncy blowdry! This look is great for date night as well as a girly shopping day!

1. Wash your hair and dry it until it is about 60 percent dry and a little bit damp.

2. Take the Denman D75 Hot Curl Brush (USA) and blowdry your hair in sections starting at the bottom. This brush is great for adding curl to the hair as it has a heat retaining barrel.

3. For more volume, gently backcomb the hair at the roots with the Denmnan D91 Dressing Out Brush (USA).

Glossy Side Curls

curly side hair

It’s nearly the weekend … which means it’s time to get glammed up for a night out on the town! We love painting our nails, applying fake tan and getting our hair prepped as well as trying to decide to wear and how we are going to accessorise it!

Our glossy side curls are super easy to create and will look great with any outfit you decide to wear.

1. Curl the hair using curling tongs or straighteners, whichever you prefer.

2. Once the hair is curled, take the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush and gently brush the curls to give you a softer and glossy finish.

3. Finish with hairspray for extra hold all night long!

Messy Side Hair

messy side hair

We love this glamorous look, perfect for a night out and teamed with with some red lipstick for a more dramatic effect!

1. When your hair is wet, take the Denman Lime Green Precision Pin Tail Comb and deeply part your hair to your preferred side.

2. Apply mousse to the hair and blowdry it using the diffuser and scrunch the hair.

3. When the hair is completely dry finish with a texturising spray.


The Denman Guide To Afro Hair

afro hair 1Source: Stylesweekly.com & Glamour.co.uk

Each strand of afro-textured hair grows in tiny spring-like, spiral shapes. The overall effect is that it appears (and feels) denser than straight hair. It should also be said that afro-textured hair is difficult to categorise because of the many different variations it has from person to person. Those variations include pattern, size, density, strand diameter and feel.

Due to the unique shape of afro-textured hair, it is also very prone to breakage when combed or brushed. Therefore, it is essential to choose the correct hairbrush  for this hair type. Denman have a wide range of brushes designed especially for afro hair.

Junior GreenThe Free-Flow has many advantages when working with Afro hair; it’s great at the backwash and for de-tangling thick natural Afro hair or extension weaves. I always start off with the Free-Flow when rough drying (to remove excess water). The paddle brush on the other hand is amazing for dressing out sets, finishing and when wanting to create big hair or soft sexy waves. Junior Green – Junior Green Salon Knightsbridge, London. BHA Afro Hairdresser of the Year.

D31D31 Freeflow Brush

This medium 7-row grooming brush has widely spaced pins set into a half-round pad, making it perfect for producing movement in the hair. Ideal for detangling afro hair.


D41 Freeflow Brush

This large 9-row grooming brush has widely spaced pins set into a half-round pad, making it perfect for producing movement in the hair. Effective for detangling long, afro hair.

D83D83 Large Paddle Brush

This paddle brush is perfect for gently grooming hair. The ball-ended nylon pins are set into an air-cushioned natural rubber pad for extra softness on the scalp.


Cheryl’s Gorgeous New Bob!

cheryl's new hairSource: Cheryl Official Instragram and Dailymail.com

Cheryl Fernandez Versini is the next celeb to get the chop! She has ditched her long luscious locks and gone for a gorgeous volumious bob! Cheryl isn’t the only one who has gone shorter, recently celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have also debuted a similar look. So… is the bob making a comeback for Summer 2015… We think so!

Maintain your new bob at home using the Denman Medium Head Hugger brush (USA). This brush will allow you to gain root-lift and volume in the hair when blowdrying.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 15th March!

We all know that Mummy’s love flowers and chocolates on Mother’s day, but why not treat your mum to something extra special and something that she will love!

Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Brush

Tutti Frutti 1The Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced range is the perfect gift for yor mum… it’s colourful, fruity and smells AMAZING!! We have 6 fruity fragrances to choose from: Strawberry, Dewberry, Orange, Lemon, Apple and Coconut. See the range here!

Denman Be-Bop Bright Detangling Brush

D6 Brights Loose - cut outThe Denman Be-Bop Bright Detangling Brush is ideal for any mummy with long hair. It is perfect for detangling hair in the shower as well as giving a gentle head massage. See them here!

Denman Popper Brush

D7 Pink OpenThe Denman Popper Brush is great for a busy mummy! Small enough to fit into your handbag and it’s great for on-the-go styling! Get it here!


Beautiful High Bun

high bun

We love getting dressed up, whether its a night out with the girls or maybe you have something extra special like a prom or a wedding coming up. The beautiful high bun is very easy to create at home which means you can splash out on a gorgeous dress!

1. Straighten all of your hair so it is completely smooth, brush your hair into a ponytail using the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA) this will add shine and gloss to the hair. Secure it with an elastic.

Fabulous Bouncy Curls

curls volume

We love fabulous, big curls … the bigger the hair… the better! It’s super easy to create and your hair will definitely turn heads!

1. Section the underneath hair away from the top of the hair, it’s best to begin at the bottom.

2. Take a curling wand and wrap a small section of hair around the barrel and leave for a few seconds. Gently slide the hair off the wand and gather it into your hand into its spiral shape. It now looks like a pin curl. Use a small clip to secure it to your head.

3. Continue this technique the whole way up the hair and around to the sides. Once the all the hair has been curled and clipped into place leave for about 15 minutes. (We usually do our make-up while we wait!)

4. Release all the pin curls from the clips. Gently brush out the curls using the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA). Finish by applying some styling paste to your hands and gently running your fingers through the curls to define them.

5. If you want more volume… backcomb the top of the hair using the Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush (USA)


Stylish Plait

plaitThis stylish plait is perfect for any Valentine Date night and you can easily change to it too suit your outfit or style!

With this particular look we recommend using a Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush (USA) this will smooth our any bumps in the hair and make it super sleek. Finish by creating the plait.

You can also backcomb the top of the hair to have a little bit of volume if you don’t want a smooth finish.

Not only does the plait have to go direct down your back but you could angle it round so it become a side plait!

*Top Tip* Add a splash of red lipstick or nail polish!

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