Denman International Go To An American Football Game in Dublin

DSC02497Denman International Limited re-established their strong ties with the US on Saturday 30th August by attending an American Football game in Dublin – University of Central Florida Knights versus Penn State Nittany Lions in the Croke Park Classic.

DSC02503College football is taken very seriously in the States and the loyal following it receives was evident in the number of fans from both sides, who had made the effort to travel to Dublin. Ahead of the game, fans of all ages filled the streets and bars of Dublin – the UCF fans in their black and gold and the Penn State fans in their navy and white.DSC02504

Once the basic rules had been explained, it did not take long to realise that this was to be a closely fought game. Whilst Penn State were first to put points on the score board, UCF swiftly followed. And when the clock was not ticking, the spectators were entertained by the cheerleaders, especially the girls from UCF who reached some dizzying heights before they somersaulted back to earth.


In the final quarter, the tension mounted as UCF took the lead by 1 point. With 3 seconds left on the clock and Penn State in possession, the last kick of the game sealed the win. The final score – UCF 24 – PSU 26!

Final Score

Congratulations to the Nittany Lions on their win and commiserations to the Knights, who put up a valiant fight.


NEW To The Online Store – Denman Ladybird Tangle Tamer


1755 TT Ladybird Website Graphic

Our Denman Ladybird Tangle Tamer has just been launched on the online store. It’s bright red handle and fun ladybird designs makes it super cute for children of all ages.

So if knots and tangles still bugging you? Spot the tangles and set the NEW Ladybird Tangle Tamer to work on banishing painful hairbrushing altogether.

D90 Ladybird front and backThe perfect detangling brush is now available with cute ladybird print. Equipped with soft, flexible bristles, the tangle tamer gently separates in the hair, smoothing away knots or tangles. Great to use on kids hair, hair extensions and wigs.

Get your Denman Ladybird Tangle Tamer here!


The Designer Fashion Show – Clandeboye Festival

Last night was the Designer Fashion Show which was part of the Clandeboye Festival in Northern Ireland. Denman was delighted to sponsor this Designer Fashion Show for the third year running. It was a wonderful opportunity for graduates to showcase their work and further their career in Fashion Design. Here are a few of our favourite designs from the night!


These three outfits were designed and made by students from the Belfast Metropolitan and the University of Ulster. We were amazed by the high standard of work that as created by these students, they are definitely very talented and we hope to see more of their designs in the future.

weddinhThe show also presented seven designs that have been shortlisted for the Wedding Journal’s ‘Design a Wedding Dress Competition’, which is open to all colleges in Ireland. These were our favourite three designs!


Established and international designers were also included in this years presentation.

(From left – right) Jessica Brandt, Rachael Delaney, Diemante Vuitton, Katie at Una Rodden Couture and Una Rodden Couture.

Overall the designer fashion show was a huge success and we got to see some fabulous designs!





Back To School For The Kids!

It’s not long until the little ones are back to school! Yes early mornings, new uniforms and packed lunches! We all know that children of all ages (even adults) hate brushing their hair because its full of knots and tangles and it can be really painful to brush out.

Don’t worry because Denman is here to help make your school mornings so much easier with the Denman Tangle Tamer Brush!

Group Shot of Tangle Tamers

We currently have 5 different tangle tamer designs -

- Classic Black

- The Bumblebee

- The Dolphin

- The Ladybird

- Bright Pink

Our tangle tamers are perfect for boys and girls with mid-length to long hair. It is equipped with soft, flexible bristles and gently separates in the hair, smoothing away knots or tangles. And it’s not just the kids that love our Tangle Tamer, the adults love it too as it is perfect to detangle hair extensions.

View the range here!



The Super Sleek Ponytail!

Beauty portrait of gorgeous blonde woman with ponytailThis week we are loving Sleek Ponytails, it’s very simple and very easy to create but it has a little bit of a twist! Most people think, ‘oh it’s a ponytail, I wear those to the gym or on my bad hair days’… BUT it can be dressed up for a night out… sleek ponytails have been seen on the red carpet with celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis and Eva Longoria who are big fans of this look.

1. Straighten the hair with straightener to make sure the hair is poker straight. The straighter the hair the easier it will be to create it.

2. Using the Denman D82M 100% Boar Bristle Brush (USA) begin to smooth the hair back from the face. This brush will add shine and gloss to the hair and will smooth out any bumps.

3. Gather the hair back at the top of the hair and leave a section of hair out of the ponytail. Secure it using elastics.

4. Wrap the loose section of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

*Don’t forget the red lipstick!*



The Designer Fashion Show




Denman International is delighted to sponsor the Designer Fashion Show for the third year running. We think it is a wonderful opportunity for graduates to showcase their work and further their career in Fashion Design.

The Designer Fashion Show is part of the Clandeboye Festival by Camerata Ireland. It exhibits Northern Ireland’s finest up and coming designers, many of whom have completed the fashion design programmes at University of Ulster and Belfast Metropolitan College.

10515072_531524233614725_3208436612652290616_oFashion Producer, Maureen Martin says: “I am delighted to once again be presenting the fashion show at the Clandeboye Festival alongside Barry Douglas, Camerata Ireland, and their Young Artists. I am thrilled that we can bring the best of young fashion and music together in this fantastic event, which I hope will help these very talented students take their careers to the next level. This year, the collections presented by graduates are from the University of Ulster and Belfast Metropolitan College are of an exceptionally high standard. I’m also delighted to present seven designs that have been shortlisted for the Wedding Journal’s ‘Design a Wedding Dress Competition’, which is open to all colleges in Ireland. Established and international designers have also been included in this years presentation.”

The Designer Fashion Show is Tuesday 19th August at 9PM at the Clandeboye Estate! Get your tickets from the Grand Opera House HERE!

The Perfect Top Knot

Hair bunFrom the catwalk to red carpets and weddings to the beach, Top Knots are still very much in trend at the moment and have been for about a year or so now!

We totally understand why they are so popular… here are a few reasons why:

-          They are quick and easy to create

-          Can be dress up for nights out and dressed down for day time events

-          Perfect for the summer and keeping your hair off your neck

-          Great for the gym and keep your hair out of your face

-          Can be worn with any type of clothing

So what tools do you need to create this look?

Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush, Denman Black No Damage Elastics, Denman Bun Ring and Denman No Slip Bobby Pins.

We’ve even made it easy for you and put together a Top Knot Kit for a special price of £14.99, saving you £7.00.

top knot images low res So let’s learn how to create the Top Knot Bun:

  1. Brush your hair back using the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush. This will give you the ultimate super glossy and smooth finish for your look.
  2. Sweep your hair up into a high ponytail and secure using a Denman Black No Damage Elastic.
  3. Take the Denman Bun Ring, and feed ponytail through the middle until you reach the base of the ponytail.
  4. Section the ponytail and fold over the Bun Ring until it’s completely covered. Secure with another Denman Black No Damage Elastic.
  5. The rest of your hair will be sticking out, so begin to wrap those loose bits of hair around the bun and secure with Denman No Slip Bobby Pins as you go.
  6. Finish with hairspray.

Click here to purchase the Top Knot Kit for Special Price!

A Gentleman’s Guide To Hair Tonics!


Group Shot - low res

Like most haircare products, the main function of hair tonic is to make the hair look better and to make it easier to style.

In the 1950s and 60s, hair tonics were in widespread use but many people have replaced tonics with gel, mousse and a variety of other styling products.  However, with a return to traditional barbering techniques, hair tonics are enjoying something of a renaissance.

When hair tonic is applied, it makes the hair glossier, something which people generally view as a sign of healthy hair. The oils in the hair tonic also help hold the hair in place making it easier to style. 

Hair tonics are also often referred to as “friction lotions” as they can be used to give clients and invigorating scalp massage.  Massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles, while the tonic itself moisturises and conditions both the hair and scalp.

Once the tonic has been applied, the hair can be styled, with the tonic holding the hair in place and giving it a shiny appearance.  This technique will leave the hair feeling full with a bit of hold and your scalp invigorated.   

Summary of Uses

  • To Style and Condition the Hair
  • To Fragrance the Hair
  • To Invigorate the Scalp

Instructions for Use

  1. Brush your hair straight forward. 
  2. Apply a liberal dose of their preferred hair tonic. Eau De Portugal, Eau De Quinne & Bay Rum. (Click here for USA Site)
  3. Using the pads of your fingertips proceed to work the tonic into the scalp.  Spend a few minutes doing this quite vigorously but never to the point of discomfort or irritation.  Do NOT use your fingernails as they can scratch and damage the scalp.
  4. Brush it into the desired style with Jack Dean military brushes. (click here for USA Site)

 Please click here for more information on the Jack Dean Range!

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The Classic Bob

Short HairHave you thought about getting your hair cut into a classic bob? We know that everyone loves long luscious locks, especially for summer as you can create many looks including top knots and braids. But sometimes it’s good to get a short cut as well to get rid of those nasty spilt ends, your hair will feel super healthy!

We love the classic bob, it has been seen on celebs such as Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham. You can add a full fringe or just a side fringe and you will still rock that look! Bobs are super easy to style, especially with our Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush. This was the brush that Vidal Sassoon used to to blow-dry the bob. The 5-row, 7-row and 9-row Denman brushes with the closely-set pins were the only tools he used to sculpt those sleek smooth hairstyles. To this day, all stylists training at the Vidal Sassoon Academies must use Denman brushes and all of his salons across the globe exclusively use Denman.



Summer Hair Care!

Anniversary Collection 5 low resJetting off to the sun this month or are you just waiting for a heatwave to arrive on your doorstep? Well it looks like you need to have your summer hair care ready to go!

Here are Denman’s top 3 products for Summer:

D6 Brights Loose - cut out1. The Denman Be-Bop Brights!

The Denman Be-Bop Bright brushes are essential for summer! Whether you are hitting the beach or the swimming pool at home these funky bright brushes are small to pop into your bag to detangle your wet hair. This brush also gives you a gentle head massage when shampooing and conditioning the hair. Also it is available in 6 very bold colours: Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green.

D7 Pink Open2. Denman Compact Popper brush

Our love for this little brush is unconditional… it’s small enough to fit into a clutch bag for going out for the evening. Not only can you style ‘On-The-Go’ but you can also check yourself out in the mirror that is in the brush… what is not to like?!


DPC1GRN3. Lime Green Pin Tail Comb

1. It’s BRIGHT Green (Perfect for Summer!)

2. Easy to fit into handbags

3. Pin tail sectioning tool to create up-dos and perfect for backcombing hair