David Beckham’s Slick Hair!


We love it when celebrities change their hairstyle! It’s that big wonder of  ‘Oh will it be the new up and coming trend?‘ and most likely a few days later, we have half of the public walking around the town with the exact same celebrity hairstyle! It keeps us on the edge of our seats wondering ‘What will they do next?’

Once they set the trend, we sometimes wonder … where exactly did they get that idea from!

Well that’s because it’s usually from someone who had their hair like that many years ago!

An example of this is David Beckham showing off to the world his new ‘slicked-back’ hairdo!

Source: 92.celebrity.aol.com


So where exactly did David Beckham get his ‘hair inspiration’ from? Well we think that his hair looks very similar to Don Draper, from the popular TV show Mad Men, played by Jon Hamm!


Source: download-mad-men-episodes.edogo.com

 Jon Hamm playing Don Draper in Mad Men.


Mad Men  is set in the late 50′s – early 60′s, so we believe this is where David Beckham got his new look from!


To create David Beckham’s Slicked Back hairstyle, just follow these very easy steps:

1. Towel dry newly washed hair.

2. Apply paste, wax or putty onto the hair using your hands and fingers.

3. Use a Denman D6 Be-Bop to slick the hair back. The Be-Bop is great for distributing styling products evenly throughout the hair and is very gentle on the scalp.

4. The styling product will hold the hair in shape all day.


So what you do think of David Beckham’s new slicked back hair? Will you be giving it a go? :)



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