How To Clean Your Denman Brush!


Don’t you just hate it when your hairbrush is full of loose hair and you can’t get rid of it? It almost makes you want to buy a brand new hairbrush to solve the problem.

Well don’t worry because we have 2 ways that you can clean your Denman brush to make it as good as new again!

Number 1

The Denman Cleaning brush is the quickest way to clean out your Denman brush. The brush is a 3-in-1 tool and can be used on any hairbrush and any size. The brush ends are for removing the dust and fluff that is trapped in your hairbrush. The pointed end at the top of the brush is for raking out any loose hair. The stiff bristles have been incorporated to get through any type of hairbrush without causing any damage to the pins or bristles.


Number 2

This is the longest way of cleaning your Denman brush, but the most effective method of removing every ounce dirt, dust and loose hair!

1. Slide the pad out from the pad – See above!

2. Once the pad has been removed from the handle, turn it over and begin taking out the rows of pins from the pad. Once all the pins are removed from the pad, dispose of the loose hair. You should be left with the last image!

3. Fill up a bowl or sink with warm, diluted soapy water and wash the pad. This will get rid of all the dirt and styling products that you have used on your hair.

4. You can see very clearly how much of a difference you have made by washing the pad of your Denman brush. It looks brand new again!!

5. Wash the pins in the warm, diluted soapy water as well. Once both the pad and pins are both completely dry, begin to insert the pins back into the pad!


6. Once all of the pins have been inserted into the pad, slide it back into the handle, making sure that the Denman ‘D’ with the crown is visible at the tip of the brush! If you have difficulty inserting the pad back into the handle, then apply a little soap to the inside of the handle. Your brush is now completely brand new, with no dirt, loose hair or styling products!

 Why not give your Denman Brush a ‘Spring Clean’ this weekend!

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