Rachel McAdams Promotes ‘The Vow’!


Ahhhhh… Rachel McAdams is back!!!

Since her huge success from the movie ‘The Notebook’ we have become a very big fan of Rachel!!! We love her on the big screen and off!! She has a great sense of style, usually seen wearing something from maybe the 50′s or 60′s but she pulls it off so well! :)

We are very excited to see Rachel’s new movie ‘The Vow’ that also stars the gorgeous Channing Tatum…. Ohhh yes please!! The Vow is about a girl called Paige (Rachel McAdams) who is in a coma due to a car accident. When she wakes up she has memory loss which means her husband Leo (Channing Tatum) has to win her back! Awwww sounds like another weepie!! TIP: Bring the tissues!!

Source: dailymail.com

Promoting her new film in New York, Rachel made sure that all eyes were on her; after all it’s a great excuse to show off her fashion trends!

Her first outfit was a knee-length dress that had a range of different shades of blue stripes! She even has blue striped shoes to match.

Her second outfit was a beautiful white jacquard dress by Andrew Gn! She looks stunning in this dress! Two wardrobe changes in one day!!

Rachel kept her trademark blonde hair loose but added a flick to the ends. Her make-up was very natural with a hint of red for the lips.

To create Rachel’s flicked out hairdo; we recommend that you use Denman D75 Large Hot Curl brush when blowdrying your hair. Not only does this brush allow warm air to circulate freely around the barrel but it will also add a natural curl to your hair.


Are you excited to see ‘The Vow’?

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