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Big Hair is BACK!


Are you fed up with your lifeless, flat hair? Well now is the time to add some volume and bounce to it!

Source: dailymail.com

Kylie Minogue has become a fan of big hair; she modelled for a photo shoot with ‘Stylist Magazine’ and showed off her volumised curls! How amazing does Kylie look? We think it’s one of her best looks and it will be very popular!

Source: dailymail.com

Cheryl Cole and Adele are also fans of the big hair look! It is almost like bringing back the big hairdo’s from the 60′s but with Kylie on board, she will rock this look!!

Create the Big Volumised Hair-do look here:

1. Taking the top sections of your hair that is damp, wind in our Denman Jumbo Self-Grip Hair Rollers. As they have velcro on them you won’t need to secure them with a bobby pin because they are self-grip! Blowdry the hair and the rollers with the hairdryer so the hair is completely dry.

2. Unwind the hair from the hair rollers, as you will see this will have created volume in the hair. Spray the hair from the hair rollers with hairspray and take the D91 Dressing Out brush and begin to backcomb the sections. Once the hair has gained maximum volume and height, scrape it back and pin in place.

3. Curl the rest of your hair with curling tongs and then begin to brush the hair (including the backcombed section) with the Denman D82M Boar Bristle Brush. This brush will condition and smooth the hair and add shine and gloss!

It’s a really easy hairstyle to create! Why not try it out this weekend?