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Celebrity Hair Extensions!

Celebrities change their hair every day, whether it’s the colour, style or length, it’s hard to keep up with the new and latest trends. Celebrities always seem to have long hair probably because you can do so much with it, such as curl and up-do’s but long hair also comes with its disadvantages like time and effort.

Celebrities are busy people and don’t have a lot of time especially if they have places to be, which is why most of them use hair extensions. Hair extensions are great to give you a new look and add that extra bit of length to your hair and then you can just take them out at the end of the day!

There are two types of hair extensions and some are safer than others. See below for more information!

Source: dailymail.com & gotceleb.com

Emma Watson, has become a huge fashion icon as she went for a very short crop! This gave her a more ‘grown up’ look and it really suits her! Emma is recently shooting a new movie ‘The Bling Ring’ where she has gone back to her long hair! Yes Emma has added hair extensions to her hair to give her a different look!

The great thing about clip-in hair extensions is that they are not permanent. This means that you can clip them in for a night out or an event and then when you get home you can just take them out! It is also a lot cheaper as you are not paying to get them done in a salon and they don’t damage your own natural hair. The only down-side is that because they clip into your hair they may fall out easily during sports or strong wind.


Source: dailymail.com

Jessica Wright recently got her hair extensions taken out and showed off her brand new bob hairstyle, but she must’ve missed her long hair because a few days later she got them put back in! We think that Jessica suits both hairstyles but we are used to seeing her with long hair.

Jessica has glue in hair extensions which means that they are permanent and the only way to get them out is to cut them. Glue in hair extensions are great if you want to have your hair long all the time. It also means that they won’t fall out because they are glued to your hair, so you won’t have any loose hair extensions. The downside of glue in extensions is that it will damage your natural hair and because of the added weight and length of the hair and this will add pressure to your scalp causing thinning of your hair. As you can see this is what happened to Jessica (above).  The extra weight may also cause you pain and headaches. It is also quite expensive as you will have to go to a salon to get them put into your hair.

Out of both of these hair extensions we think that the clip in hair extensions are better because they are safer and you can take them out when you want. We also recommend that you look after your clip in hair extensions by brushing them with a Denman D80M Nylon Bristle brush as the soft nylon bristle detangles knots and tats which will give you a smooth and tangle-free hair. The brush is also gentle on the hair which means that it won’t rip any of the hair out.